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Surgical Microscope Cold Light
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Surgical Operating Microscope Cold Light provides high intensity with flexibility in operating. It is focused with built in manual 3 step changer for continuous adjustment. It is based on Optical Light Guide System and checks the interior part of the eye. ...
Group: Microscope
Video Colposcope
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Video Colposcope is same as Visine's other Colposcopes but with the difference that the images can be recorded and directly stored from the instrument to a computer. It has high clarity of the images provided with manual or automatic setting. Image Processor : ...
Group: Video systems for colposcope
Colposcope Continous Zoom
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Is instrument of Visine and is meant for checking the vulva, vagina, cervix and other parts. It helps in making the image very clear with continuous zooming power and fine focusing. Its movable and adjustable height maintains the patient's comfort. ...
Group: Colposcopes
Surgical Loupe
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Surgical Loupe have features of independent focusing. These lens are lightweight. Provides additional comfort to around ears and nose. It provides a high impressive performance with robust frame making work easy going. Magnification : 3.5x ...
Group: Equipment for neurosurgery
CCD Camera
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CCD is used to convert optical brightness into electrical amplitude signals. It helps in reproducing the image of an object with no time. The CCD Camera has a very high resolution for grabbing the exact image, this can be attached to all of models of Visine like Slit Lamps and Surgical...
Group: Surgery equipments
Power Instrument Table
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Is arranged with fine Table Top with capacity of bearing heavy weight upto 80 kg. Moreover, it provides flexibility in the movement. Height Minimum : 675 mm Height Maximum : 875 mm Vertical Traveling Range : 200...
Group: Medical facilities


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